Working again feels good!

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I’ve been stressed out so long I didn’t remember what it felt like not to be carrying it. Good financial news set me right this month and for the first time in years I can plan, and after almost a week straight asleep, I’m working again. Not much yet, just getting loose. More to come.

Paper Lanturns


Copper Teapot


Water Lilies


Violets in the Rain

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After finishing the train, I noticed that thing where, although I have many ideas, I can’t let loose and start any. Seen it with programming, writing, weaving, knitting… So I decided I would do these violets in the rain. Keep them loose and done in under an hour. Took more like 1.5. Result ::


As usual, after uploading and seeing them at a different resolution I saw things I wanted to change. I do think the fast and loose worked, but I wanted a little more structure.

Yellow Violets In the Rain

This is after refactoring. I usually don’t let myself touch anything until a week has passed, but in the spirit of not getting hung up on rules, I dinked in some more shading, and mottled the background for depth.

There are things I like about both approaches, and I wouldn’t say one was exactly “better” than the other. ┬áSo now I’m actually itching to get into one of the Iowa Landscapes I’ve been planning.

Another damn portrait study

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Waffled about posting this one, since it was just a study and in those horrid pastels, as well. Although, I have made some progress. I could tell after uploading there are some places where my blending is awry, so I’ll have to revisit this one after refactoring.


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My new best buddy and autism service dog in training. I’ve trained other dogs for complex tasks (evidence and remains search, bite-work, mobility support, obedience, therapy) so think I’m up to training my own dog, with some advice and trouble-shooting from friends. Not to mention the $30K-$60K a finished dog costs.

He’s a catahoula cur, the smartest, most level-headed dog I’ve ever met, and that’s saying something. High energy, but he is actually calming to be around because he also has great common sense and thinks before he does things. I couldn’t ask for more in a dog, especially one I’m going to trust with my life.

Boone Scenic Valley RR

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Boone Scenic Valley RR

A couple weeks ago we went on the Boone Scenic Valley Road. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon, and even though very hot in the valley, the highlands were so cool. The trees grow right up to the line, keeping it shaded, but the sun bursts through into the woods and there is something beautiful everywhere. You get to cross the Kate Shelley high trestle, which is the best view you’ll ever have of the Des Moines River valley.

London Bridge, Light in the dark

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London Bridge

This one was practice in illumination. I was really pleased with the light on the water and the lights on the bridge. This took less time for me to realize how to get the effect I wanted.

I have talked before about how I go “in the zone” while I work, and when I come out, I’m often surprised at the entirety of what I made, having concentrated on parts and effects. I love what happened with the light on the water.

Home Place

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Now they stand idle, victim to taxation and super-farms; falling into ruin while they wait to be absorbed into the next “planned community” or become hunting land for some wealthy city people.

I look down their lanes, and imagine coming home.